Creative Inspiring Workspace

This is my new creative space. I’m excited about it because I’m a designer and need a space that inspires me to design. Whether I’m designing jewelry, a website, a logo, creating marketing materials, researching ways to design a space or thinking of ways to upcycle furniture; this is where I start, at my desk.
I’ve been blessed with several gifts recently that I LOVE from a BFF, who is an attorney & writer, also a District Gem; one is that black and white damask journal by Peter Pauper Press and the other is the Quill pen. My struggle is real… as everyday, I have so many ideas flowing thru my brain therefore, I have to write them down immediately. If you’ve never had a gemini in your life or you aren’t a gemini, this is probably foreign to you but for me, creativity flows nonstop and sometimes it’s difficult to direct it. Multi-tasking is a necessity for me. In one day I could have several different projects going. So writing things down and creating “to-do” list is super important. Equally important to me is to journal those things I’ve accomplished as well as my goals and aspirations.    

More info on the items:
Journal – Click Here: Peter Pauper Press
Quill Pen – Click Here: Quill Pen
The Beginning is Always Today: Created in powerpoint, printed on paper
  & framed by dollar tree frame. 
The African Woman Print – Family Dollar (got this for only $10)
Pray More Worry Less – Dollar Tree (yes for only $1)
3 journal set – from TJ Maxx for only $3.99
My new business cards – from Vistaprint $10 for 500
And my very old macbook, was a gift from a cool IT dude I previously worked with

I hope this “desktop” inspires you to create a space that inspires you to do what you love and motivates you to design/live your best life.

XoXo, KK