Talk Tuesday What About Your Friends???

I’m so bothered by this. My mother ALWAYS taught me, “you come together, you leave together”. I cannot fathom leaving my drunk and stumbling girlfriend anywhere! I’m sure more will be uncovered (prayerfully) like HOW she ended up in the construction area of the hotel in the freezer!!! You cannot convinced me that she stumbled there on her own until I see some proof of that. But “what about your friends???” to quote TLC. Please teach your children as I have taught mine, don’t EVER leave your drunk girlfriend as PREY. There are evil bastards waiting to hurt women everywhere, you’ve got to have EACH OTHER’S backs. And to hear what the mother had to go thru to finally find her daughter on the security tape is just awful! This horrible incident got me in my “feelings” so much.

UPDATE 9/20/17: This investigation is still an ongoing one. However, news sources have reported that video surveilance shows this young lady entering the freezer alone & the doors closing behind her. Such a sad story. As it is still unfolding.

Praying for this young lady’s family.

Kelly Kayla