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The C.A.T.Walk Boutique

The C.A.T.WALK Boutique is one of the best sources for fashion in the Washington D.C. area. The C.A.T.WALK Boutique’s niche is carrying designers from all over the world that sell exclusively to boutique owners. The majority of our pieces cannot be found in the mainstream high-end department stores. We have something for everyone, but not for just anyone.

Carolyn A. Thomas, proprietor, envisions The C.A.T.WALK Boutique customer as the fashion conscious, confident woman, with a strong sense of individuality. Admired for her impeccable taste, The C.A.T.WALK woman is often the style-setter in her community. Carolyn brings years of experience as a stylist, personal shopper, and fashion maven together in The C.A.T.Walk Boutique. Her keen eye for fashion is apparent throughout The C.A.T.Walk’s selection. 


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